A community that’ll always vibe with “gm, I got your back!” culture. This page explains what this DAO is, why does it win, who is it for & how you can join it.

<aside> 💡 Having invested via DAOs, pools & syndicates in the last 3+ years, we believe that a network of backers will navigate themselves into highly profitable investments because of the DAO, even with small individual capacity - a positive sum.


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We believe that the crypto economy — broadly described as Web3 is the opportunity that changes much of what we know about the world, business, and how people interact.

BackerDAO is an invite-only community of exceptional, curated web3 leaders come together to engage in discussions on all areas of backing web3. Together, we separate signal from the noise, deep dive into the meatiest opportunities & host private networking events at major crypto events. The DAO will be shaped by those who join it - like how every DAO should be. Backers will be finding, diligencing, and sourcing deals. The DAO plans to reward Backers for supporting companies with talent recommendations, hiring, partnership intros, marketing the product, and generally doing cool helpful shit.

This is like an open-sourced platform team.

Memberships will be given to selected applicants via NFT MINT - this unlocks:


Enough smart people with enough passion, tools, voice, and incentives, combined with a friendly survival of the fittest culture, can rapidly experiment their way to the next big thing. The world is going to be a very different place when they do.” - notboring.co

There is absolutely no capital commitments needed to become a backer, just be committed to the culture. We believe in quality > quantity for this community, so let's just say this is going to be limited, and fun. Here’s what makes this community important:

<aside> 👨‍🏫 Backers - ****Varied expertise & experience of diverse humans in web3